Balance in cash

Balance in cash
رصيد نقدى، فرق بين عمليتى البيع والشراء

English-Arabic economic glossary.

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  • cash balance — ➔ balance1 * * * cash balance UK US noun [U] ACCOUNTING ► the amount of money a company has in its bank account at a particular time: »The company reported a cash balance of £335m at the end of the second quarter. → See also TARGET CASH… …   Financial and business terms

  • Cash and cash equivalents — are the most liquid assets found within the asset portion of a company s balance sheet. Cash equivalents are assets that are readily convertible into cash, such as money market holdings, short term government bonds or Treasury bills, marketable… …   Wikipedia

  • balance — the amount of money remaining in an account. The total of your money in the bank after accounting for all transactions (deposits and withdrawals) is called a balance . Glossary of Business Terms A division of a Securities Account, of a type… …   Financial and business terms

  • cash book — A book or record in which bank cash transactions are recorded. These include receipts (from customers) and payments (to suppliers) as well as bank charges, interest received, etc. A cash book is a type of day book, recording transactions in date… …   Accounting dictionary

  • cash balance — / kæʃ ˌbæləns/ noun a balance in cash, as opposed to amounts owed …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • cash balance — / kæʃ ˌbæləns/ noun a balance in cash, as opposed to amounts owed …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • Cash flow forecasting — is the modeling of a company or asset’s future financial liquidity over a specific timeframe. Cash usually refers to the company’s total bank balances, but often what is forecast is treasury position which is cash plus short term investments… …   Wikipedia

  • balance sheet — bal·ance sheet n: a statement of financial condition at a given date Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996. balance sheet …   Law dictionary

  • cash balance plan — USA A defined benefit plan containing certain provisions similar to a defined contribution plan. In a cash balance plan, a participant s benefit is based on a hypothetical account balance which includes employer contributions and interest credits …   Law dictionary

  • Cash is king — is a cliched expression sometimes used in analyzing businesses; it refers to the importance of cash flow in the overall fiscal health of the business. The phrase is a favorite of Alex Spanos and has sometimes appeared in Motley Fool articles and… …   Wikipedia

  • cash balance scheme — A pension scheme in which risk is shared between the sponsoring employee and the member. Typically, members may receive fixed amounts for each year of service, calculated as a percentage of their pensionable salary. At retirement, they must… …   Law dictionary

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